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Condom & Sexual Health

Condom is a sheath cover made with very thin rubber and plastic that covers the penis during sexual intercourse to reduce possibility of pregnancy and sexual transmitted of infection like HIV/AIDS. As a method of birth control it is inexpensive. Though Condom is inexpensive but only 5% male is using condom during the sexual intercourse.  As a method of birth control and prevent transmission of infection during sexual intercourse made condom is easy to use and inexpensive method. Proper use of condom reduces the pregnancy rate 18% to 2% per year. There are two types of condom like Male Condom and Female Condom:

Male Condom:  Male Condom is kind of sheath-shaped cover made with latex (kind of rubber) which is worn during the intercourse.

Female Condom: Female condom are used by the female made with polyurethane sheath, one side closed with ring and inserted into the vagina and other side open. Female condom is the new edition of sexual health. Male Condom is being used widely than female condom.

Sexual Stamina: At any point of sexual life almost every man worried about their sexual stamina. Though, people shy to say it is truth that sexual performance is very special part of every man and they want do everything to make their partner feels good. There are several ways to have long time sex. You can have sildenafil tablets like Viagra, Agra, Etc or you may use some herbal products and exercise by consulting your doctor.