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Face Wash and Scrubs

About Face Wash, Cleanser & Scrubs:

A Face Wash and Cleanser is a kind of product that is used to remove dirt, oil, dead cells, makeup and any other types of dirt from the skin of face. Using face wash or cleanser is a better alternavive of bar soap. Bar Soap contains high Ph than skin. 

There are different types of cleanser or face wash in the market. Active face wash or cleanser is more suitable for the oily skin type. It also can over dry your skin so you need to find out the best for your skin type. Lotion type cleanser or face wash is likely more suitable for the dry skin. However, Some people may experiance irritation on the skin beacause of cleanser so you need to find blanced face wash or cleanser. 

We have face wash, Cleanser and Scrubs for the skin type: 

1. Face Wash for oily Skin 2. Face Wash for Dry Skin 3. Face Wash for normal skin 4. Face Wash for combination skin

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