Online Shopping has the change the way of shopping in Bangladesh. It’s been less than a decade of online shopping in Bangladesh. People buy goods directly from retailer through internet using web called online shopping. Behind the virtual nonexistent it became million dollar sector in Bangladesh. Every single day people of Bangladesh are getting used to with the online shopping. More & more people are increasing the list of online customer’s list. Online customer  buy Grocery, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Makeup, Perfume, Baby Food, Baby Milk, Baby Diaper, Baby Toys, T shits, Polo, Jeans, Shirts, Pants, Leggings, Shree, Panjabi, Salwar Kameez, Books, CD, Mobile phones, Mobile Accessories and Many other products from Online.

Either Customer directly visit retailer web or search the particular product in the search engine for the best retailer. Besides web, there are many face book fan page who are selling products and many customer are also buying goods from these fan page as well.

Online Shopping Stores usually always customer to search the particular product across the website and also they can filter the product using category section of the online store. Though in other country customer need a valid debit, credit card or PayPal account to purchase the products from website but in Bangladesh most of the online stores have cash on delivery service. So even customer does not have any card or PayPal account still they can shop Online.

Is the online Shopping Became so popular in Bangladesh?

Not really but it is becoming popular. Shopping through internet has more choice option than shopping physically from the shop. Customer doesn’t need to leave their bed room to buy the products. As we know, People are getting so busy with their work as result they can hardly manage time for shopping. Besides, traffic is common thing in the city as well. Considering these issues people are becoming used to with the online shopping in Bangladesh.

Current situation of Online Shopping in Bangladesh

People in Bangladesh spend over Tk. 7000 crore per year according to the Google’s 2014. With the increase of Smartphone uses, online shopping is also increasing.  According to Google survey 2014, 22% of total internet user shop from the online stores. Also survey says that 32% of people recalled as they have seen online advertise, 17% of them go for online shopping. Internet user of Bangladesh is growing every day by smart phones, computer or laptop.

The future of online Shopping in Bangladesh

 No matter economic situation of Bangladesh. The amount of online spending will increase over the year. There are few reasons of saying that some of the reasons are as follows.

  1. Increase number of using smart phones
  2. User of internet is increasing every single day
  3. Easy Availability of internet
  4. People are getting too busy with their work
  5. Heavy traffic in the city
  6. Online shopping is more convenient than visiting the store physically

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