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Feeding Accessories

Feeding accessories

Your baby is too young to drink a glass of water or milk. So, they need special tool. And this is obviously a feeder.

A feeder is a bottle with a teat or nipple to drink directly from. It is composed of a bottle itself. The teat is generally designed to be slimmer than the mother’s nipple. Teats come in a selection of flow rates, marketed to be based on the age of infant. Vented bottles allow air to enter the bottle while the baby is drinking without the need to break  baby’s sunction during feeding. On the other hand, designer bottles are now quite common as novelty gifts for parents or just something interesting for the child. Bottle is made from heat sensitive materials that act as a built in thermometer. When the bottle becomes too hot, it changes color. You must clean the feeding accessories properly.

Here I am going to explain the cleaning process-

  1. Separate the parts of the feeder. After washing the teat, bottle and lid separately, you will be sure not to miss and dried milk that may be stuck in out of the way places. It prevents passing the bacteria onto your baby
  2. Then take a bowl of hot water and add a small amount of mild dish soap. Mix the two together until the water is soapy and add your bottle pieces. Then start washing
  3. After that, it is time to get scrubbing. The easiest way to clean out the bottle chamber is by using  a bottle brush similar to the one below. All baby brushes are not same. When you choose the brush, pick the brush which can easily reach the bottom of your baby’s bottle while still allowing you to hold the handle with a firm grip
  4. Then clean the baby bottle nipple using a bristled brush. As the bottle nipple is much narrower than the bottle, you will need a small sized brush like the one below
  5. When you have finished washing the baby bottle, run them under cold water to remove any remaining soap suds
  6. Air drying is the recommended method for drying baby bottles. Use a rack to put them by parts

This is how you can clean the accessories properly. In Bangladesh there are many branded feeding accessories available. Dicpal.com is a trusted online shop. Here you will get the best feeding accessories imported from the UK. Keep connected with us and have a good shopping experience.