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Babies are too young. So, they are not able to sit on a toilet. For them, the best solution is diaper. Diapers are convenient to keep mothers from getting messed on.

Diaper provides absorption, so they protect your baby easily from catching cold. Moreover, it takes care of baby’s delicate skin. Wearing diaper, your baby can move comfortably. Some diapers have leak lock feature, which is claimed to capture to help prevent leakage. Some are overnight diapers, they are designed to absorb night time leaks and available in step sizes of 3 through 6.

Diapers are preferable for babies because it keeps your baby dry through all his moving moments. They contain layers and a long lasting core lock in wetness. Most of the mothers do not know how they can change their babies’ diaper properly. Here I am going to explain the process.

First of all, you need important accessories. They are a clean diaper, wet wipes, using wipes you must be careful, burp cloth, safe place, changing pad, baby powder, lotion, diaper rash ointment. Directions are mentioned above-

  1. Lay down your baby
  2. If you use table at the time of changing, use the safety straps to prevent the baby from falling
  3. Gently remove his or her clothes
  4. Un-taped the soiled diaper, but do not remove it
  5. Place a burp cloth over the baby, especially when changing little boys to prevent any accident from spraying on the baby’s face.
  6. Clean the diaper area using a wet cloth. Wiping from the front to back will help prevent spreading bacteria that could cause an infection when changing little girls. Make sure that you clean between the skin folds
  7. Open the clean diaper
  8. Gently lift the baby’s legs up, and slide out the soiled diaper. Replace it with the clean diaper. The taped side might be underneath
  9. Apply any lotion, baby powder or rash cream as they provide protection to diaper area
  10. Then pull the front of the diaper through your baby’s legs and use one hand to gently hold it again in the baby’s stomach
  11. Using the other hand, un-tape one side and secure it to the front of the diaper. Then repeat with the other side
  12. Check the diaper sliding two fingers in front of the diaper. It will prevent the diaper from being too tight or too loose
  13. Redress your baby and you are done with your work

Buy the diaper according to your baby’s weight. Sizes may vary from one to another kid. XL, XXL etc sizes are available in the market. In Bangladesh there are many diapers available in the market such as Neocare, Huggies, Mamy poko pants etc.

Dicpal.com is an online super shop where you will get a huge collection of baby items. We have Mamypoko pants, Huggies Pants, Pampers etc. Our Pampers are imported from UK, Huggies imported Malaysia, Mamypoko imported from India, Molfix imported from Turkey. We have all sizes according to your baby’s size in our stock. You can purchase from us and get the quality products.

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